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I am sending this to both the PetiteCloud mailing list (
and the neo-Jeffersonian one (

A quick intro to neo-Jeffersonianism for the PC people.  NJ is our business
model and is is outlined in the archives of the NJ mailing list and
http://aftut.quora.com/ (the second also contains a tutorial on how to
write a cloud app using PC as well how to build a NJ company around it).

Here is the primary features PC currently has:

Ability to manage instances on a host level
API for the same

Here is what is left to add to PC itself:

Replace API with the new one Dee is making which is a API/distrubted
(hieractical/graph) toolkit and framework.
Beef the security up to meet HIPAA requirements
Add multiple users to meet the above requirement
Static clustering (using a single master PC webapp to control a fleet of
slave machines but does not meet the NIST definition of elasticity [this is
left to the scalable cluster layer which I will detail in the next post])
Improve product and 3rd party hooks

Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer, http://www.PetiteCloud.org
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