[PetiteCloud] PetiteCloud on FreeBSD 10.0 with bhyve

Dave Smith dsmith at johncompanies.com
Thu Jun 19 20:11:17 PDT 2014

Hi Aryeh,

On 6/19/2014 6:17 PM, Aryeh Friedman wrote:

> 1. We are aiming to drastically improve the CUI in 0.3 (make it so it
> can take args and api also)

1. A few more features in the web/command line interface would be nice.

  A. The ability to create templates and quickly cookie cutter them
     into a new VM would be nice (dump, rsync, etc).
  B. Clone a VM.
  C. Mount a VM disk to allow us to recover from a user losing their
     password, fix a messed up firewall, etc. vmrc gives me the
     command "vm mount <vmname>".
  D. Add memory to a VM
  E. Add disk space to a VM
  F. Add/delete an extra IP address to a VM.
  F. The ability to do the equivalent of jls or jtop or jailps to find
     out which VM has runaway processess. and the ability to kill the
     runaway processes.
  G. It would be lovely, to have a script to move a VM to another
     machine.  I realize that is beyond the scope of PetiteCloud, but a
     copy of the disk image and a vm start on the new machine helps a
     lot.  I might be willing to help with this.
  H. Being able to attach to a serial console on a server is a
     requirement.  vmrc solves this with the nmdm package and
     "vm attach <vm name>".

> 2. We assumed all access would be via the net (standard for the cloud
> computing world) input on how to balance this would be nice

A little more documentation about the scripts behind the scene would
help greatly.  I assume someone at a command line would be sophisticated
enough to read scripts.

> 3. The vm naming is only to make it so it is impossible to enter a
> invalid name in the webUI we are currently looking at different naming
> scheme and would like input (keep in mind bhyve is limited to 15 char names)

We already assign customers a unique customer ID.  Allowing us to enter
that as a name of the VM would be great.  Then the command line user
would know what VM belongs to what customer.

Since I currently have the ability to do most of this with current
scripts and jails, I might be willing to help with creating some scripts
for the command line user interface.

  dsmith at johncompanies.com

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