[PetiteCloud] PetiteCloud on FreeBSD 10.0 with bhyve

Dave Smith dsmith at johncompanies.com
Thu Jun 19 16:50:26 PDT 2014

Hi Michael,

Emails from Aryeh helped, and I got it up and running.  The directions
are missing the step that starts tomcat7 and set it up to automatically
come up on boot.  A list of binary packages that could be installed
without having to re-compile the world would help greatly.  I don't
think gcc, perl5, tomcat7, openjdk, qemu-devel, or python27 need to be
recompiled from scratch.  These take a huge amount of time and
frustration as several of these were broken and required fetching files
from the web instead of automatically from the servers.

It is missing a few features that I wanted.  The naming of the VMs and
mapping is not useful from a command line.  I had trouble getting the
console access to work.  The ability to see/modify files inside the VM
from outside was not there.

Because I was having so much trouble getting it to work, I started
playing with vmrc.  I found it to be more mature and I am more easily
able to modify it to my needs at the moment.

I would still like to see PetiteCloud progress.  If I was able to marry
vmrc with the PetiteCloud, it would be the best of both worlds.  Then I
could have a non-FreeBSD-command-line-savvy operator do most of the day
to day work, and I could still manipulate things under the hood with the
command line.

Just my thoughts.

  dsmith at johncompanies.com

On 6/18/2014 6:12 PM, Michael Thoreson wrote:
> I have been trying to test it myself but with limited success as well
> due to poor documentation. I was working on trying to clear up the
> documentation as i worked through it.
> The project is not a hoax but rather very short on members with enough
> free time at the moment to really push it along. It has been several
> months (due to a couple deaths in the family and other personal matters)
> since I have had any time to work on it but it does have some potential
> that I to would like to use in a production environment.
> Would appreciate further insights you have and i will try looking into
> the documentation some more.
> Michael Thoreson,
> On 16/06/2014 3:09 PM, Dave Smith wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Is PetiteCloud just a hoax to prove the premise that recursive make is
>> harmful (as stated in one of your links)?
>> Has anyone tried following the directions described on the website to
>> install PetiteCloud on a fresh FreeBSD 10.0 installation using bhyve?
>> Here are my results.  I installed FreeBSD 10.0 and did a freebsd-update
>> to get to patch level 5.  I tried at least 4 times using some binary
>> installs and at least one complete port install.
>> 1. The make install takes about 2-4 hours on a fairly fast machine.
>> 2. It tries to recompile everything from the ports collections instead
>> of using any binary pkg installs.  This includes gcc, perl5, xlib, qemu,
>> and many other things that take enormous amounts of time to re-compile.
>> 3. It does not install Apache, which is required to run the Tomcat that
>> PetiteCloud appears it use to implement the user interface.
>> 4. The directions say to use port 8080, but I can not find any attempt
>> to set up Apache on port 8080.
>> 5. The make system fails and stops for missing pieces or sources at
>> least 3 times.  It also stops very many times to demand configuration
>> input, which requires constant monitoring during the entire make
>> process. (I realize these are probably problems with the FreeBSD ports
>> collection.)
>> 6. Instructions telling me to go to
>> assumes I am running this on my work station and not on a server.
>> I am not a complete novice at this.  I have a long career writing
>> software and doing system administration.  I was unable to get this to
>> install and operate correctly with 4 attempts.  I could probably
>> continue and eventually get PetiteCloud to work, but I am not sure I
>> have the time to invest anymore.
>> I wanted to use this in a production environment, but it appears that
>> PetiteCloud is not ready for that.
>> I would really like to know if anyone has successfully followed the
>> instructions as I have done?
>> Dave Smith
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