[PetiteCloud] what effect (if any) does NAT'ing bridge0 have?

Michael Thoreson m.thoreson at c4labs.ca
Thu Feb 13 07:18:14 PST 2014

I am willing to help out where ever needed.

NAT may be still useful in certain small business setups that don't have 
the budget for independent routers to segregate services in the LAN. For 
example some small firms may want to keep file and print sharing 
services separate running in different vm's that only their respective 
departments can see.

I know VLans can do this but what if there are shared services all 
departments need access to and sometimes (despite advice not to) users 
like to be able to share folders amongst themselves.

NAT'ing should be available as an option. All hyperv's that I know of 
support it right out of the box as an option so i don't see any reason 
to deny use of it.

You also have to think of business where there may be tech savvy users 
who have the idea that they can fix something, So if the admin as a way 
of hiding the server on the network it may make his life a lot easier.

NAt'ing can also be useful in large firms where they may have a limit on 
IPv4 addresses.

Michael Thoreson,

On 13/02/2014 3:34 AM, Aryeh Friedman wrote:
> 0.2.6 will add at least DHCP but at least based on my early 
> experiments NAT'ing is not needed (assuming you have a typical 
> household router).... several questions:
> 1. Is NAT'ing needed for anything except for the single outside IP (if 
> this is the case I see no reaon in today's world why requiring an 
> external router would be an issue.... alternatively we can make it an 
> advanced option)
> 2. Does this look like a good default network:
> host IP ---> NAT (if needed) --> DHCP --> instances
> the instances are on the bridge which has a host address of 
> by default and has a DHCP range of to .200.
> Also note I am just using the stock dhcp config (will have PC write 
> one out during install perhaps to make it cloudified)... Mike want to 
> help on making the minimal dhcp.conf needed for this?
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