[PetiteCloud] to nat/dhcp or not?

Aryeh Friedman aryeh.friedman at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 02:29:59 PST 2014

When we where designing PetiteCloud originally we made a few assumptions
about our technical goals that we have reworked (not removed in the
majority of cases) and may or may not still be valid.  One assumption was
that we would be the primary/only cloud platform running (recursively) on
any given physical host.   This is clearly not the case any more.   One
such assumption we made was since our market was different then other cloud
platforms (see attached draft white paper notes) we would need to provide
more of the smoke and mirrors of cloud computing then we need to only be a
cloud foundation layer and not any other goal higher.   Addtionaly as the
list knows we firmly believe in off loading everything that is not
PetiteCloud's problem on to someone else.  The someone else in this case
often is the market place for apps and such.

One such reworked assumption was the assumption we would be providing all
the networking for smaller clouds (likely no more then a spare machine. NAS
and cable modem).   This puts us firmly in layer 1 which is not where we
think PetiteCloud itself should be for "basic" networking (3rd party addons
and such will help here).   Since we only provide the raw "plumbing" for
networking is there any reason to offer NAT and/or DHCP on the host end?

Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer, http://www.PetiteCloud.org
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