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Michael Thoreson m.thoreson at c4labs.ca
Mon Mar 24 20:46:06 PDT 2014

You both are correct but I believe Dee is on the right track to keep the 
site clutter to a min.

On 24/03/2014 12:58 PM, Dee Nixon wrote:
>> Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2014 02:23:38 -0500
>> From: Anya Deason <anya.deason at gmail.com>
> [...]
>> Well, one thing we are instructed to do when writing accessible
>> articles for the general public involves defining terms
>> sequentially. Explain the theory before repeatedly using the term. I
>> would not use parenthesis and brackets. I use those sometimes,
>> though not in formal writing.
> I don't think it's feasible to define every term on every page of
> the site where a given term gets used.  In particular, if we did
> that on the layers page, it would take forever to get to the point.
> Instead, I would suggest that the site have (1) a section for
> general introductory material intended to make the rest of the site
> more accessible to laypeople, and (2) a glossary, where each
> technical term used on the site has both a definition and
> accompanying links to recommended further reading.  Then, on other
> pages of the site besides the intro articles and the glossary, every
> technical term could be linked to the relevant glossary entry.
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