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I have no idea where I saw it or whats name was but I saw a util (addon to
ffmpeg I think) for converting vns sessions to youtube videos

On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 5:24 PM, Michael Thoreson <m.thoreson at c4labs.ca>wrote:

> VDI is a very real possibility. I am exploring the possibility of
> extending it to allow remote view of the vm's console to aide in trouble
> shooting the instance remotely. Similar idea to VBox VNC server.
> Michael Thoreson,
> On 04/03/2014 3:38 PM, Marco Bravo V. wrote:
>> Hi and tanks for your answers.
>> 1.- The thumbnail is good to show an aproach to the image but when you
>> click on a image, this image opens in a new windows. This behavior you can
>> improve, putting each image in a "LIST" with an arrow for the next and the
>> previous image. All the sites with pictures has this feature. Thats all.
>> 2.- I'll try to make one video tutorial, because the project is very
>> interesting to me. In spanish first and maybe we can translate to English.
>> 3.- When I said VDI , I'd refer to the Desktop as a service for small
>> companies. A big cloud serving multiples images based on Windows for the
>> customers such as colleges, schools, etc.
>> My question was If your project can serve micro$oft images to a small
>> networks of thin client. For instance, I made a Windows 2000 server in
>> Openstack with some thin clients (remote desktops). The final idea is
>> centralized the management and preserve the user data.
>> Please remember , all of this feedback was absolutely made to coolaborate.
>> I know aboout your priorities but I'm trying to make a business based on
>> cloud serving some microsoft images of windows lite version or maybe some
>> ubuntu graphical desktop.
>> Thanks for your work. I will pay attention to your advances.
>> Saludos from Chile, Marco.
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