[PetiteCloud] petitecloud-general post from mbravo at bootcamp.cl requires approval

Michael Thoreson m.thoreson at c4labs.ca
Tue Mar 4 14:24:25 PST 2014

VDI is a very real possibility. I am exploring the possibility of 
extending it to allow remote view of the vm's console to aide in trouble 
shooting the instance remotely. Similar idea to VBox VNC server.

Michael Thoreson,

On 04/03/2014 3:38 PM, Marco Bravo V. wrote:
> Hi and tanks for your answers.
> 1.- The thumbnail is good to show an aproach to the image but when you 
> click on a image, this image opens in a new windows. This behavior you 
> can improve, putting each image in a "LIST" with an arrow for the next 
> and the previous image. All the sites with pictures has this feature. 
> Thats all.
> 2.- I'll try to make one video tutorial, because the project is very 
> interesting to me. In spanish first and maybe we can translate to English.
> 3.- When I said VDI , I'd refer to the Desktop as a service for small 
> companies. A big cloud serving multiples images based on Windows for 
> the customers such as colleges, schools, etc.
> My question was If your project can serve micro$oft images to a small 
> networks of thin client. For instance, I made a Windows 2000 server in 
> Openstack with some thin clients (remote desktops). The final idea is 
> centralized the management and preserve the user data.
> Please remember , all of this feedback was absolutely made to coolaborate.
> I know aboout your priorities but I'm trying to make a business based 
> on cloud serving some microsoft images of windows lite version or 
> maybe some ubuntu graphical desktop.
> Thanks for your work. I will pay attention to your advances.
> Saludos from Chile, Marco.

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