[PetiteCloud] should the disk (if not physical) be kept after deleting a instance?

Aryeh Friedman aryeh.friedman at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 00:52:12 PST 2014

right now when you delete a instance all your doing is deleting the
database entry for it the disk and/or any other host resources permentally
assigned to it will not be touched.  The reason (orginally) for this policy
is it makes recovering from failed instances easier (in theory often not
the case) but since we have not had a failed instance for over 3 months now
should we just get rid of the resources on deleting... make it a user
option  (remember the name is the first 16 characters of the md5 which
means it is hard to find without the matching DB entry)

Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer, http://www.PetiteCloud.org
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