[PetiteCloud] how much security?

Michael Thoreson m.thoreson at c4labs.ca
Thu Feb 13 13:35:10 PST 2014

Password authentication would be sufficient in the early stages but 
perhaps there should be minimum length and complexity requirements. Also 
make sure that whatever password storage back end used will store the 
passwords safely and effectively. Adding AD and LDAP support would be of 
big interest in companies. The support can either be direct PC to 
AD\LDAP or perhaps PC could have an option to use to already existing 
host users and groups which would include AD\LDAP users if the host is 
setup before hand. This is of course won't work if the idea of PC is 
going to be including it's own OS, but I assume PC will just be 
installed on whatever host OS the admin chooses.

Michael Thoreson,

On 13/02/2014 11:39 AM, Aryeh Friedman wrote:
> If petitecloud's goal is only to control stuff at level 0 (even if in 
> large clusters) then it is almost certain the only login would be from 
> the admins and only then if something went wrong (we assume that layer 
> 1 will be controlling us via an API) whould they login... given the 
> above is just having a single password good enough security (for 
> now)... i..e no users, tenants, etc.... the idea is we can skip right 
> to clustering then come back to security as we start to need handle  
> multiple users all with the same level of access.
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