[PetiteCloud] OpenStack Host OS

Michael Thoreson m.thoreson at c4labs.ca
Tue Feb 11 17:52:37 PST 2014

I see you using Ubuntu a lot for the OpenStack appliances. Have you 
considered RHEL or similar? Reason I ask is Red Hat recently made 
available RDO http://openstack.redhat.com/Main_Page which basically 
makes deploying OpenStack much less painfully process than doing it by hand.

It is suppose to work with RHEL and any derivative such as CentOS, 
Scientific, Oracle EL and Fedora. I would consider Oracle for a 
OpenStack host OS as I find it has the best blend of stability and new 
features. When testing ZFSonLinux and GlusterFS I found a near 10x 
throughput improvement switching from Ubuntu 12.04.1 to OEL 6.4. I also 
had increased stability with VMWare vms.

I am not saying abandon the Ubuntu approach, just thought RDO would be 
something interesting to look into for the *EL die hards out there.

The biggest downfall for OEL is it doesn't support Xen as a host very 
well. Never been able to make it work.

Which makes me think has any consideration been given to adding libvirt 
support to petitecloud? it would make supporting additional hypervisors 
much easier. Could add support for Xen, VBox and VMWare. Bhyve is not 
libvirt capable ready but they may add it as discussions on openstack 
forums say the openstack team do not want to add a driver specific for 
bhyve and would prefer it be libvirt compatible.

Michael Thoreson,

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