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Tue Feb 11 17:24:22 PST 2014

On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 7:00 PM, Michael Thoreson <m.thoreson at c4labs.ca>wrote:

> As for making packages we just need to get the makefile(s) right and then
> I can use centos\fedora\debian\ubuntu vm's to make rpm's and debs. *BSD
> systems that use ports will take care of themselves once the project is
> included as the ports system builds ports periodically so them be added
> with pkg.

We use devel/cook and devel/aegis (I will put a snapshot of our development
instance up on down2earthcloud.com [where we put all downloadable instances
for now... the host petitecloud.org only has 20GB of disk] in the next day
or so).  Since cook uses a very different method of building then make you
should study it but once learn it you will never go back to make.   See
http://miller.emu.id.au/pmiller/software/cook/cook-2.34.tut.pdf and
http://aegis.sourceforge.net/auug97.pdf for a conceptual overview.    Linux
is currently built in the cook-blank/scrap-linux and deployed in
cook-blank/deploy-linux (both are optional recipes in
src/build/cook/Howto.cook).   If you have any questions on how to use
either ask.   As you get more comfortable with stuff we should like set up
pa aget repo on the public internet.

> I don't know enough about making linux binaries yet to write a how to but
> it is something I can work at.

The Java is extremely portable and the C is very simple (for now we are
planning to convert the core over to C sometime before 0.4 [basic

> I agree you can go too far with the lego method but the outcome can be
> very entertaining either "wow that is not practical at all" or "omg that
> failed spectacularly with fireworks and the like" especially on those
> nights were exhaustion has faded into a dim memory and some bizarre part of
> your mind believes it can work so you keep banging your head against the
> wall :)

Or even worse some GSoC kid came up with this brilliant "security" model
that allows wonderful things like having scripts that run as root being
embedded as a part of the API call (the same script btw has the
username/password in plain text in it)

> I might be able to take the "unstable" environment further than a living
> of an NYC apartment to extreme conditions. It would be a very small market
> but still one that could be an option. Remote sites or mobile sites that
> may have extreme temperature stress or need a small, light and low power
> solutions could benefit from some new pico and thin mini-itx platforms
> running a light weight hypervisor which could run any os\app combo that may
> be needed. Another future option is ARM platforms since there is current
> development for a FreeBSD arm port.

We are thinking along very simelar lines (your examples are more extreme
but not out of line with what we have in mind with things like "cloud on a
stick" [bootable USB drive with a full mini-cloud on it] one of our use
cases for this idea is ability to give finals in classes that require
computers but to prevent cheating only very limited connections are
allowed,.... right now I have 0.2.5 to get out (I have one last feature to
add and then deal with any fall out a "brilliant idiot" test [i.e. I, as
main developer, purposely try to <bleep> PetiteCloud up [note I am complete
clutch with hardware so when we tell friends and family that our goal is
that PetiteCloud be "Aryeh proof" they know that is being as mean as we can
think of then then more])... that main feature being able to specific
multiple "disks" for each instance.    As for the long term our main goal
in pre-1.0 is to master the scaling problem (we can scale up to any size)
and one of the goals of 2.0 is the shrinking problem (many of the apps we
have in mind require both at the same time)

Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer, http://www.PetiteCloud.org
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