[PetiteCloud] more design assumptions

Aryeh Friedman aryeh.friedman at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 04:05:30 PST 2014

(I have almost all these "assumptions" posts done)

1. The "user" (human or machine) is out to get us and will do completely
random, bizarre and baffling things

2. The "client" (the ultimate consumers of our work [aka those who put the
money up]) will do even more random, bizarre and baffling things and then
claim that they are never wrong (and most cases they are right in this).
The client will also come up with endless "small" feature "suggestions"
where each one will require almost complete redesigns of central and
critical components of the system.  That when such requests are made they
are always due yesterday and that the system must not have a single hiccup
in the switch over.  Finally they will claim that all this comes under the
category of it is a "bug" after all so they do not owe us a dime for the

3. The client never wants to hear from us unless we have fixed their
"problem" but if they have a new "problem" we will hear from them endlessly
and the most annoying times

4. That our own work machines/network are out to get us and will at the
first opportunity eat all our work.

5. We are designing for highly secure mission critical environments (note
we purposely do not actually have any such clients and do not "certify" any
of our work for such environments) where zero down time is tolerable and
that the system must work the first time and every time without flaw

6. In testing you can (and should) do the most random, bizarre and baffling
things you can think of

7. Since we are a tiny team we have zero time to fuss with overly complex
methodologies or the latest fad in system/software engineering.   This
means agile is just as bad for our needs as "waterfall".

8. Because of #6 everything (including all our testing) has to as near to
100% automated as is possible (certain kinds of tests are impossible to
automate without losing the key elements of the test) and that this
automation has to be as "push button" as possible
Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer, http://www.PetiteCloud.org
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