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Now that your a subscriber (again) I am redirecting this to the list.

On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 4:33 AM, John Kane <jkane89a at gmail.com> wrote:

> > (the pains of a early phase OS project)
> But I thought all the FLOSS tools you're using were supposed to Just
> Work(tm)...   [ROTFL]

A friend mine of mine has the theory that Linux beat FreeBSD because
FreeBSD was in general to easy to use early on when it was not clear if
commercial UNIX's or FLOSS ones would win out and due to this it didn't
have enough people the time needed to be "hooked" on whatever tool even if
it is not appropriate for their situation... a situation like that is
currently true in cloud computing in that the only two players are designed
for clouds that are far larger then your average small business (our target
"market" [see note]) and require data centers to run due to requirements
like needing guernateed power for how openstack handles the power issue for
example see
there is *ZERO* reason why this has to be true (I reboot PC hosts [not to
mention guests] 10 to 15 time a day for testing purposes {our production
cloud has been up for almost 6 weeks straight now despite over 10 in place
upgrades to petitecloud... it was also our test machine until we got byve
running under AMD last week}).

Also tell them we are doing the final debugging on the ability to put an
entire cloud on a USB drive (until we get clustering in 0.3 {starting in
about a week or so likely} it is limited to one host though).

Note: As you can guess we are not doing PC for completely idealistic
reasons (we do have these but they are not the most important currently
[roof over head/food on table is]).   For that reason our businiess/revenue
model calls for making a complete ecosystem around PC of FLOSS and
commerical products/apps but make it so PC does not depend on any of them
(no "secret sauce").   Once this ecosystem takes shape we plan to introduce
a few commercial products of our own (but again just one of many
projects/products that use petitecloud but petitecloud does not use
them).   Since this our way of not being on the street we can afford to not
play any games with hiding how we make our money like Marantis [openstack]
does with training... i.e. the documentation is simply missing key steps
(and when you ask about them on the mailing list you get "that is not well
documented" and pointed to a document that is only accessible to those who
have Marantis's secret sauce)
Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer, http://www.PetiteCloud.org
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