[PetiteCloud] Requirements for proposed new logging framework?

Dee Nixon dnixon-fnre at nyclocal.net
Tue Mar 4 09:05:58 PST 2014

Hi all,

I need some kind of logging framework, at least a rudimentary one,
ASAP.  I need it as part of my further development of the
PetiteCloud API, as a place to (among other things) handle
exceptions that otherwise need to be suppressed for whatever reason.

The Java library's logging framework looks a lot more complex than
we probably need: 

So I'm thinking of writing my own much simpler logging framework. 
But first, I need to know what other people might want to use the
logging framework for, to develop a set of requirements for the
logging framework.

What kinds of things do you think should be written to the log, and
what kinds of uses would you have for the log data once it is


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