[PetiteCloud] PetiteCloud on FreeBSD 10.0 with bhyve

Dave Smith dsmith at johncompanies.com
Mon Jun 16 14:09:14 PDT 2014

Hi All,

Is PetiteCloud just a hoax to prove the premise that recursive make is
harmful (as stated in one of your links)?

Has anyone tried following the directions described on the website to
install PetiteCloud on a fresh FreeBSD 10.0 installation using bhyve?

Here are my results.  I installed FreeBSD 10.0 and did a freebsd-update
to get to patch level 5.  I tried at least 4 times using some binary
installs and at least one complete port install.

1. The make install takes about 2-4 hours on a fairly fast machine.

2. It tries to recompile everything from the ports collections instead
of using any binary pkg installs.  This includes gcc, perl5, xlib, qemu,
and many other things that take enormous amounts of time to re-compile.

3. It does not install Apache, which is required to run the Tomcat that
PetiteCloud appears it use to implement the user interface.

4. The directions say to use port 8080, but I can not find any attempt
to set up Apache on port 8080.

5. The make system fails and stops for missing pieces or sources at
least 3 times.  It also stops very many times to demand configuration
input, which requires constant monitoring during the entire make
process. (I realize these are probably problems with the FreeBSD ports

6. Instructions telling me to go to
assumes I am running this on my work station and not on a server.

I am not a complete novice at this.  I have a long career writing
software and doing system administration.  I was unable to get this to
install and operate correctly with 4 attempts.  I could probably
continue and eventually get PetiteCloud to work, but I am not sure I
have the time to invest anymore.

I wanted to use this in a production environment, but it appears that
PetiteCloud is not ready for that.

I would really like to know if anyone has successfully followed the
instructions as I have done?

Dave Smith

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