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Aryeh M. Friedman aryeh at cloud.fnwe.net
Tue Feb 11 01:19:39 PST 2014

Michael I have forwarded this message to the mailing list because I think it is an interesting use case and I am a strong proponent of the FreeBSD model of open knowledge (everything is in public unless some reason it can't be).

Comments on content:

1. 0.2.5 (currently in testing you need go to http://downloads.petitecloud.org/petitecloud-aryeh-0.2.5.tar.gz add -0.2.5 to the port file name also to grab it) is 99% (only reason for not saying 100% is it is untested) of the way to being able to run all possible configurations of OpenStack.   See the current change_history on the site for details.

2. We are looking at using something like FreeNAS to provide SAN like services for small clouds (OpenStack assumes a certain layout to the cloud that is only typical in data centers).   That is if native iSCSI is not sufficent.

3. I will fix these links (that will teach me to rely on automated testing only) as soon I send this message

4. We will be writting a set of full tutorials showing how to do I full OpenStack install using nothing but VM's.   We will also discuss how to improve the stability and robustness of OpenStack along the way (using FreeBSD instead of Linux is a good start)

---------------------- FORWARDED MESSAGE -------------------------
FreeBSD and Linux install instruction links are still broken. Otherwise 
everything else works. I especially am going to try the 
DevStack\OpenStack you described. It looks like an easy way to get a ZFS 
backed cloud.

Michael Thoreson,

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